DAS EFX is an American Hip Hop duo. Consisting of 2 Emcees:

  • Dray (also known as "Krazy Drayz", born Andre Weston, September 9, 1970).

  • And Skoob (also known as "Books", born William "Willie" Hines, November 27, 1970).

They named themselves "DAS" standing for "Dray and Skoob" and "EFX" meaning "Effects".

DAS EFX rose to popularity in the early 1990s due to the duo's stream of consciousness and lyrical delivery, which became one of the most influential lyrical styles in Hip Hop music at the time; as well as their affiliation with legendary Hip Hop group EPMD's Hit Squad. Their style combined intricate rhymes delivered with a fast-paced flow (that included words that end with "-iggedy") and numerous pop culture references.