DJ Mathematics


DJ Mathematics is a hip hop producer for the Wu-Tang Clan. His career began in 1987 Djing parties and jams until he became a full time DJ for the rapper Victor C where he did many shows in clubs and colleges in New York City. In 1990 Mathematics linked with GZA and he soon became one of the Wu-Tang Clans founding members. His first track featuring Ghostface Killah lead to him producing for other Wu-Tang members including several tracks on GZA’s second album “Beneath The Surface” as well as Method Mans “Tical 2000: Judgement Day”. Eventually he produced for the clan as a group. In 2003 Mathematics moved into TV and produced the theme tune and original music for the Fox Network show “Wanda at Large”  during this time he also began work on his first solo project “Love, Hell or Right” which mas mixed, arranged and produced by himself which went on to sell over 30 000 units. He released his second titled “The Problem” in 2005 which featured the entire Wu-Tang Clan, as well as working on his solo work Mathematics continued work for many Wu-Tang releases.

Tour Schedule:

15/09/15 - Open

16/09/15 - Open

17/09/15 - Open

18/09/15 - Open

19/09/15 - Open

20/09/15 - Open