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Guvna B


Guvna B, at 26 years of age, is a MOBO award winning, rap artist from London. Known for his positive, energeticic and inspiring lyricism, his most recent release Secret World was the UK’s highest selling clean rap album in 2015. That is just a snapshot taken over a few years from the life of the inspirational musician and passionate West Ham United fan.

 Guvna B, a Business & Journalism Graduate, has an artistry that is current and relevant to today’s world and is consistently at the cutting edge of urban trends. In creating output, he draws from personal experiences and observations he has made living in and around the gritty and fast-paced streets of London.

Courage and boldness not to follow the stereotypical trends of music today has led to many doors opening for Guvna B. This has allowed him to share his views on youth culture and society whilst retaining the essential ability to make excellent positive music. A talent that has been acknowledged not only by a growing fan base, but by national broadcast media stations such as BBC, Sky News and Capital Xtra, who are constantly airing his songs and his story.

Guvna B’s journey so far has seen a lot being achieved within a short space of time. By the age of 20, he had won the prestigious MOBO Award and there were more awards to follow. He has worked with highly acclaimed artists such as Boy Better Know’s C4, Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams, Nick Brewer, Jocelyn Brown, Keisha Buchanan and more. He has shared stages with the likes of Tinie Tempah, Wetch 32 and Chip, plus his story was shared with many in March 2015 when he appeared in nationwide music magazine 'Music Week'. He is also the owner of ‘Allo Mate’, which is an urban lifestyle brand he founded in January 2013.

 Guvna B’s stage presence is proven. In addition to performances at The O2 Arena and Wembley, thousands in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australasia and North America have witnessed his performances along with full band and DJ.

 “My upbringing inspired me to want to make a positive impact through music. The negative things I saw around me inspired me to do better and inspire people to be the best they can be instead of becoming stereotypical products of a negative environment” explains Guvna B.