DJ Woody

Described by the Scratch Perverts as “One of the most creative forces in DJing the UK scene has ever produced”, twice World Champion, Lee Woodvine, aka DJ Woody, is known for his innovations… H e pioneered a host of groundbreaking scratch techniques and helped Vestax design the world’s first ever musical turntable. For the last decade he’s also been the ‘go‐to man’ for the industry’s most revered producers and MCs and his unrivalled visual performance show ‘Turntables in Technicolor’ has taken the world by storm ten times over.

 Put it this way, in the last 6 months alone DJ Woody has… appeared on the BBC’s Bafta winning student TV show The Slammer, completed tours of China, India and Canada, performed his show in the middle of London’s St Pancras, warmed up for acid house legends The Happy Mondays at their recent gig on the Isle of Man and seen the 2010 Turntables in Technicolor DMC world finals showcase released on DVD!

His Turntables in Technicolor show was born upon the concept to produce a completely original, eye‐popping & crowd‐rocking audio/visual DJ performance using 100% bespoke material that would not only push the envelope visually and sonically but also raise the bar of live AV manipulation. Snowballing in popularity and critical acclaim with every show he does, jaws have now been floored at the world’s biggest festivals and venues and his profile gained visible pace.

When not continually sourcing new material for his Technicolor’s debut NYC show, you will currently find Woody working hard in the studio on the first edition of his upcoming mix series ‘Technicolor Tapes Vol. 1’; a format set to showcase the encompassing sound of the Turntables in Technicolor show. Mix number one will feature UK rap luminary Dr Syntax of the Foreign Beggars, and ongoing you can expect collaborations with more of the scene’s most respected names.

As 2011 progresses, Woody will receive untold notoriety with his appearance at the US DMC finals in NYC ‐ being that he is the first ever non‐US artist to be invited to showcase here. His relentless tour schedule will also push on with long awaited appearances across Brazil, Asia, Europe and the US as well as regular shows in his native UK and he will continue working hard on new concepts and animations to take Turntables in Technicolor to the next level for 2012.

For the man that can hold his own in collaborations and performances with everyone from Snoop Dogg and the Beastie Boys to Mala Rodriguez and a twenty‐five piece big band orchestra, let alone showcase sounds and visuals you only thought achievable through taking a sizeable quantity of hallucinogens, the future is looking more than bright, the future is Technicolor.